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Styles Cham

Here is a card which takes stock of knowledge of styles in Cham this classification of styles, which is still quite crude, does not account for any overlap and image retention which often requires an appeal to analyze a sculpture or Cham temple.

a. My style So'n E 1
First half of the seventh century, the middle of the eighth. The name of a temple site So'n My (Quang Nam), a set is adorned with sculptures characteristics (pediment representing the birth of Brahma and pedestal, now the Museum of Cham Sculpture Da Nang The influence of 'pre-Angkorian art has this style of dating.

b. Style Hoa Lai
VIII - IX century. The name of a group of temples in southern Vietnam. Nam, of which nothing remains, it seems, as sculptures carved into the brick temples.

c. Style Dong Du'o'ng
End Ninth - early tenth century. The name of an important archaeological site, south of Da Nang, the art, Buddhist, very original, powerful, can be symbolized by such gatekeepers, of Dharmapala, the praying, pedestals, etc..

d. My style So'n A 1

Tenth and M centuries. The name of another temple site My So'n, this style is the period of "classic" of the Cham art, the many masterpieces, like the dancers of the pedestal of Tra Kieu Museum of Da Nang. It will be extended by the "style Chanh Lo (end of XI - XII centuries), ably represented by the example of the bases of strips Chien Dang (Quang Nam), discovered in 1989.

e. Style Th á p Mam (or Binh Dinh)
Late twelfth century - the beginning of the fourteenth. The name of a site found in 1934 (or province). Baroque art, fantastic animals, often extravagant decor, providing, again, a singular aesthetic whole.

f. Styles called "Yang Mum" (or Phq'o'c Tinh), and Po Romé
XIV - XV and XVI - XVII centuries. Names derived from established sites on the chain Annamite or south of Viet Nam. These styles, mostly defined by their shortcomings (phasing out of legs in the statuary, neglect of Indian iconographic meanings, etc..), Are characterized by a long decline, at all levels.

(After Gilbert De Coral Remusat Philippe Stern, Jean Boisselier)

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